Thursday, April 06, 2006

My greatest mistake

I thought it going to be a smooth sail for me once my business is up, yet I am terribly wrong with the idea. My mistake is I did no research in the industry at all. I just jump in and now I drowning. My relationship with my own mother is no good, and now I fear my other half will leave me soon should thing getting from bad to worst.

I myself don’t know if I really like this work I am doing or just in for the fun of it which causing me a great deal.

If only I can go back to time, I will tell time myself learn about it on my own pace and time, than join in ACE. Sadly, that is very impossible for anyone to do. Now the issue is to get I renew, change and have money.

I decided that the blog continue but, I won’t be updating frequently.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time to say good bye

I want this blog to last long but howeverI can't do so therefore this blog will no longer in operation. Not to worry I will not delete this blog instead continue to run it until a new blog is creat.

To a friend of mine Yong Kian don't worry once the new blog is ready I will auto link you to the new blog.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Stage 1 completed now Stage 2

Stage one of my business successfully completed, finally manage to pay out the cost fee. However one more problem I notice is I don’t have enough money for my operation. I don’t even have a business plan at all. What nightmare have I brought myself into this time?

It wants to start my very own business, being my own boss instead working for other people. Sadly, foolishly I forgot operation cost issue, strategy and plan for my business. Worst of al I forgot about transportation! So now what to do? Going back to my old work place is very malu. Asking for money, how leh?

Why I want cash in the first place? Simple, so I can buy device or tool for me to work with. The tools I intent to buy are a laptop for my workstation and a PDA for my mobile workstation.

There also software issue which need to be think, for productivity, presentation and accounting purpose.

Oh god what have I done, it show that I don’t have a plan for this just jump in the bandwagon. I can continue being this way or face it as a challenge in my life. This is the path I have chosen, and dam better make use of it.

Hardware and software aside, my focused will be getting information on how many people live around me, and how big I want my market going to be. I already know that my market will be Small Medium Enterprise, school either government or privet and residential.

If there anyone who want to financially help me, after reading this blog please do email me and thank you very much. Not asking a lot just enough for me to run my operation estimated around or less than SGD 50,000.00

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Luxury Items

Lately don’t know why, my interest now is luxury items. The items which interest me are moon phase watch, fountain pen, condo and Boxster S. The moon phase watch and fountain pen, love them with platinum. Don’t know why but I like this metal which value more higher than gold.

I never use fountain pen before nor do I can read a mechanical watch. My current watch is digital or in watch term quartz. Man, why am I thinking of such? Is it because I going to start my very own business or it just natural thinking of such items.

Before I want to drive Boxster S, I need to earn my licence first, but thinking of having Toyota is more worth. That all for now.

Friday, January 06, 2006

It coming but what will I be doing?

Rumours have it General Election coming soon, and it means me have to vote as it compulsory. Yeah right! Like that going to happen. Dream on I say. Why I saying it, very simple it will be impossible for such thing to happen that why.

The opposition don’t have a chance at all; they small and only appear during this time around. Never say a lot during other time, so what does it mean? Simple, I cannot trust them. So does it mean I support the current government? No I do not support them either. Why must I support someone that doesn’t allow my freedom? They say it ok being gay, but still an offence having erotic act with my partner, not allow me unit, own HBD flat or adopting a child for me to rise. Now that is my reason!

So what will I be doing? Go there for the sake of it, get register and than cast an empty vote. That what I going to do. As long they don’t bother me, I fine with it.

Wonder if my blog will be read by someone?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Good bye old nick

Laugh out loud what a great time reading at Sgboy Pink Dollar tonight. It about me, little they know I already cease the nickname and change to new one and this time around me going be a good boy. My reason for the change largely due to, I consider my current nick has gone too far. So, now must have a cool down period.

I will be more responsible for what I post, and I do like to say this is my first post for the year 2006. That all for now and yes the blog will change but no need to worry, there lot of work need to be done. First thing first the blog address I have already, that is important.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Great achievments, Misses and Ahead

2005AD will be leaving us in few more hours, and 2006 will appear. The scientist says, the will be a minutes extra but for me it doesn’t matter much. What important is the achievements I have made this year. However, there is still some misses. So what are my achievements I made, here they are:

Working in a company, I really don like but hey look at the bright side of life. I do at lease have a job unlike some people out there.

Another achievement I made this year is the ability for me, to pay $4,000.00 to Steve making me only own him $2,000.00 which I going to pay him by February 2006.

Lastly I having a life partner which I actually thought could not have happen at all. I happier with him now than before, more feeling missing when not seeing but more understanding him when not meeting him. I do hope his mum will change next year and be more flex.

Now for me to state my miss for this year, and there are:

Ever since I am going to start my business, I could not buy myself a laptop of my dream nor can I give monthly allowance to my boiboi. It sad but hey in life we need to scarifies thing. Not just that but a lot of other thing I wish and want to buy.

Another miss in life is that, working in twelve hours makes me isolate myself form the world. I don’t even know that 2006 coming in new days time, it my mum who told me about it. I miss my life where every day is so good to meet event I am down that day.

As posted in all my previous blog, I am going to start my own business. So, hopefully by second quarter of 2006 I going kick start the plan. Do wish me well. Other then world peace, I wish that the government allow gay couple to unit and allow us to apply for HDB flat.

Oh well that for what I need to say for now, and I am going to move to a new blog but not now lah. Just seat back and read this posting.